How to take part

#notGDC is a way for people who make games to share ideas, skills and things they love with the international games community.

Write Something

Pen us a blog, an essay, a love letter, a research paper, or mix up a great thread on Twitter.

Record Something

Record a podcast with friends, a quick YouTube video, or do a Twitch stream.

Share Something

Open source some helpful code, release a tutorial project, or teach us a weird trick.

Or Something Else

Got a different idea? If you've got something to share, we want to help you share it.

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2020 #notGDC Submissions!

#notGDC 2019 is maintained by Lucy and Mike - you can contact either of them with problems or questions.
The jam is organised by Design By Cloud and the Discord is maintained by Lucy, Jacob, Mike and Michael.
#notGDC is based on ideas from lots of people, including Squid In A Box and Ben Porter.