2018 #notGDC Submissions!

#notGDC 2020 was hosted by Lucy and Mike. And the jam was organised by Design By Cloud and the Discord was maintained by Lucy, Jacob, Mike and Michael.

notGDC is based on ideas from lots of people, including Squid In A Box and Ben Porter.


#notGDC Innopolis University Talks

by Innopolis Indie GameDev Club(2018)

HLSL Shader Tutorials! (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

by Ronja(2018)

What I've Learned From Game Design History (Part 1, Part 2) (Part 1) (Part 2)

by The Mad Welshman(2018)

Motivation and Big Projects

by Nathan Auckett(2018)

Why Designers Should Learn Animation

by Christiaan Moleman(2018)

Game Boy Homebrew

by Elias Farhan(2018)

Social VR

by Murky Mulm(2018)

Choice Is Consequence

by Gregory Pellechi(2018)

Designing 'The Sky House'

by Ahmed Khalifa(2018)

Sonic Pi Demo/Tutorial

by Asentrix Studios(2018)

Continent Generation Postmortem

by John Arras(2018)

Navigation Filtering And Avoidance

by Vikram Saran(2018)

Bees In Videogames 🐝

by Sean Oxspring(2018)

Beating Procrastination

by Keano Raubun(2018)

Why Toilets? 🚽

by Steven Harmon(2018)

Continent Generation Preview

by John Arras(2018)

Feeling Productive While Procrastinating

by Spencer Saunders(2018)