Frequently Asked Questions

What is #notGDC?

#notGDC is a casual and loosely structured game development non-conference that takes place at the same time as GDC. #notGDC is 100% online and free to participate in. #notGDC was started for people who make games to share ideas, skills and things they love with the international games community.

Where does #notGDC take place?

#notGDC is happening all online, March 18-22nd 2024. Submissions we receive will be uploaded manually to during that time.

Is #notGDC affiliated with GDC?

Despite our name, we are not affiliated with GDC. #notGDC was started to make game dev knowledge free and accessible to everyone, regardless of where they are. Conferences cost time, money, and mobility, and we want to remove that barrier.

How much does #notGDC cost to attend?

Nothin’! It’s free!

What happens at #notGDC?

The goal of #notGDC is to showcase knowledge and perspectives from people of all backgrounds who love making games. Throughout the week we will manually upload submissions we receive to the #notGDC archive that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime!

#notGDC comes to life through submissions from game devs like you, so if you have something you want to share, an idea you’ve been sitting on, or a lesson you wish you knew early on in your game-making journey, we encourage you to submit to our archive this year!

What kind of things can I submit?

#notGDC is your chance to share something you’re passionate about! It could be something educational, something personal, something fun. It could be as simple as a Twitter thread or as in depth as a tutorial. In prior years we’ve had folks submit things ranging from “How to Make Game Subtitles Better” to “Top 10 Gayest Looks In Splatoon 2”.

For examples of past submissions you can check out the #notGDC Archive.

We do not accept submissions that involve NSFW content, NFT promotion, or subjects that are otherwise deemed to be harmful by the #notGDC organizers.

How many times can I submit?

As many as your heart desires.💖

What formats do you accept?

We accept all kinds of submission formats. In the past we’ve received:

Feel free to get creative with it!

Can I submit something that multiple people worked on?

Yep! You can list out all contributors in the submission form and we’ll credit everyone in the archive.

When do submissions close?

Submissions close on the last day of #notGDC: Friday, March 22th 2024.

Where will my submission go?

#notGDC submissions are uploaded to the 2024 #notGDC archive from March 18-22th 2024. The archive is always free to visit! We also share some submissions over on our Twitter and our Mastodon.

Do you accept submissions in languages other than English?

Yes! We encourage submissions in any language.

How else can I participate beyond submitting something?

Who runs #notGDC?

#notGDC is maintained by volunteers, for the full history check out the About page.

I have more questions! Who do I contact?

You can ask us questions on Twitter, Mastodon or send us an email at